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Where all the fucks anyone could possibly give are gone & seriousness is unadvised. Vocaloid Fandom give me all your secrets! VocaTroll wants all secrets. If you've stumbled upon this blog and would like to send your hate and/or love feel free to do so. The submit and ask links are at the top.

people trollin'

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Right, response was massively underwhelming last time.

I am still working on building up a queue, but as before, more questions are needed! I need your help so give it your best!

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New picture!

What does this mean?

It means that after a year of neglecting you guys, I have some free time. In about a week (as finals are now). I cleared out the inbox of all but 33 (now 32) secrets, and will begin making them into things come Sunday.

Ask is open, so, if you have any juicy secrets to confess, go ahead.

Hopefully, this is the dawn of a new era, even if its only until winter break is over 

"This Vocaloid cover is way better than the original singer lol they suck," says the vocaloid fan under the youtube comments of a cover of an English song, and hasn’t probably ever heard the original song in the first place.

Anonymous said to me, rip vocaloid troll secrets???

pretty much

gee I should probably stop forgetting this blog exists

but ah well cbf

Anonymous said to me, you shit

typically in a toilet, but yes I do shit

Anonymous said to me, I herd you were also kingdomheartstrollconfessions waifu.

gurl there are like five blogs that are my waifus

Anonymous said to me, When was this made?

… august 2011?

Anonymous said to me, How could you forget about this blog? It's too precious to forget!!

Uhhh Uhhh…. It’s possible. Believe me.